Nick Sanabria BIO* page

*Nobody gives a short about bios. so here are some funny bits I made up that show what I can do.

                                     (but if you really must, a short bio at bottom of page.)

"Chicagoese Language Lab"

A class on how to talk like you are from here.

"I'm In Love with the Luna Carpet Girl"

Most people get TV crushes on celebrities: not me, I fell for a local carpet company spokesperson.

"Cliche' Scat"

Chestnuts roasting on an open band.

A little talk I gave on Theater of the Mind

Nick Sanabria bio lite:

VOICE GUY:  SAG-AFTRA.  Years of experience, Nationals, etc.  Big voices, Character, Promo, Improv, funny stuff.  

STUDIO GUY: Owns full service studio, Radio City Recording & Audio; formerly two locations downtown.  Relevance: I can produce finished, air-ready files with no dogs barking in the background.

MUSIC GUY: Guitar/Bass/Midi: Toured with Tanya Tucker; jingles (I know, what are those?)  and albums of original music and naughty songs.  Relevance: I bring timing and musicality to a read.

COPYWRITER: Leo  Burnett: (no, years ago) Relevance: another set of ears when something isn't working.

ARTIST:  I know......who cares?  Not relevant.

If you seriously need an actual resume, contact me: and I will send one, along with a link to my website of vulgar songs and comedy bits that you have to swear to never show your client.

"Jack Webb on Comedy"